TEBALDI FOR INTERNATIONAL MARKETS (download PDF Products Manual below in the page)

Since early 90s Tebaldi Group distributes technologies in the wine production sector market. The activity is very dynamic and focused on innovative attitude thanks to its own internal R&D department. The Group includes three different companies: – Tebaldi srl, dedicated to production and distribution in the Italian market; – Experti Ricerche srl, for applied research and distribution to international markets; – Marsalbotti srl, which produces wooden barrels, vats and barriques. Our key to success is listening to cellars needs and participating in their working stages: that’s to offer integrated and customized solutions, sharing international know-how and experience. It’s essential for us to create a trust relationship with customers to grow with them: we help to achieve cellars results and on the other hand we have their feedback to direct our research activity towards concrete and future potential needs. Our technical proposal embraces the whole range of products for vinification and wines ageing in wood. Our lines are dedicated to different types and different styles of wines. Our internal departments dedicated to foreign markets are: AGEING IN WOOD Barriques, barrels, casks, vats and equipment by Marsalbotti BIOTECHNOLOGIES Enzymes, yeasts, nutrients, must treatment, polysaccharides, tannins, clarifying and stabilization products. PLANTS AND EQUIPMENT Some of them market novelties: wine gases management system, pH control and tartaric stabilization by resin unit; sanitization system for equipment and surfaces. SPECIAL R&D PROJECTS Our important R&D project Freewine® The Taste of Wellness (http://tebaldi.it/index.php/portfolio/freewine/) started in 2008 to develop new methods for healthier wines production. New winemaking challenges, partnerships andinstitutional support: that is Freewine®, the flagship of our company, which has been successfully presented duringthe latest editions of Vinitaly and international trade fairs. It is a real opportunity for wineries proposal of new wine onthe market and also support to wine added value. New 2017 project is “In search of Minerality in the Italian terroirs” (http://tebaldi.it/index.php/portfolio/alla-ricerca-della-mineralita/) in collaboration with Excell Iberica laboratory (Spain) and the Italian producers who want to attendthe net. The application project moves the results of the studies on aromatic-gustatory perception (minerality markersand describers) to the practice of oenological industry to help improve market logics. Thanks to our protocols therewill be tests at wine cellars: all data will be picked up and verified to investigate the differences among similar wines. Final data will be at disposal of all the attendee during sharing events. Since 2013 we started internationalization with distribution agreements in countries with high oenological vocation. PRODUCING VALUE IS OUR COMMITMENT, ALSO THANKS TO INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS

Download the ISIOX brochure, the new wine gases management system
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